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Where can you print magnetic signs in San Francisco?

Order magnetic sign printing in San Francisco and save your money! Just contact us to figure out the details! In our print shop you can get the high quality products of any colors at affordable prices and get them delivered for free around the city. There are also a lot of options to benefit from.

About benefits of magnetic signs

Magnetic signs are made from a vinyl layer with magnet. The former is the upper layer and the latter is a backing which can be attached to any metal surface both indoors and outdoors. They are flexible because you can remove them from one place to another without any damages as far as the signs of this type are made to last. The laminated signs will withstand even severe rains and winds, and direct light.

The use of magnetic signage is very simple. You can fix it alone without being skilled particularly and without any assistance. They are easily installed and easily removed without leaving any trace evidence. Then you can reuse them as many times as there is a need for them. Thus if you have business with frequent promotional events which repeat from time to time, you will appreciate the long-term value of magnetic signs!

What do we offer?

In the streets of San Francisco magnetic sign can be found in various shapes and sizes. Just try it to boost your business! And we are ready to provide you with custom signage in accordance with your requirements including:

  1.       Car magnets. This is an easy way to use temporary signage to promote new products and raise awareness about your brand without damage to the paint coating of the vehicle.
  2.       Truck magnets. We offer square cut and the shape with rounded corners. There are four standard sizes but custom ones are also possible.
  3.       Van magnets. These ones are larger compared with the previous types and come with high prices, though you will benefit anyways due to multiple use of signs.

Our advantages

You should know our service terms before you decide to place your order. You can get a free consultation of our managers or just read our agreement available to the public on our website. Please, mind that you will get:

  •           your parcel in 2 or 5 days when this is a domestic shipment;
  •           a chance to change your credentials including the delivery address at any moment before the placed order has been dispatched;
  •           the right to cancel the order before and after it has been dispatched subject to the regulations of our refund policy.

Just think of magnetic signs in San Francisco when you are planning your marketing campaign. These little billboards can be placed on various metal surfaces including the door of vehicles. The cost-effective advertisement is very helpful being spread around and reaching the wide target audience with little effort.