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Stretch Table Throws

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      Graphic Material

      Stretch Fabric

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      2 business days turnaround 

      1 year on graphic

    • The stretch table cloth is made from a material known as tension or stretch fabric. It is a lovely option for table throws because it pulls tight over tables and stays in place.  People commonly use it at conferences, trade shows, special events, etc. This material, which is very similar to spandex, serves as the perfect cover for your table because it stretches over your typical 6 to 8ft table, eliminating wrinkles. That way, your table has a clean, organized, professional outlook. Our Stretch table cloth is designed in a way that makes it the perfect choice for marketing material. Since the material is stretched, it stays firmly on the table, even numerous movements. The table cloth can either be 3- sided with Open back, 4-sided or 4-sided with Zipper back, depending on your suitable choice.  

      Although most people only pay attention to the front and top part of the table throws, you can print on all sides of the fabric just to be safe. The front part, which usually hangs 1inch above the ground, creates the perfect hiding place for boxes and other campaign material you want to keep out of sight and within reach. The material is long-lasting, but it becomes more durable with proper maintenance. When washing with a machine, you should use cold water and use low spin. Air drying is the ideal option for preserving the print. Don’t overstretch the material, especially when using it for a table that is not its size. Ironing doesn’t end well with the stretch table cloth, so in case you need to urgently remove wrinkles and creases, use a fabric steamer instead.


      • Made with Polyester Tension Fabric
      • Can be hand-wash or machine washed with regular temperature and mild detergent
      • Full-Color DPI Printing
      • Quality Dye-sublimation printing

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