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10ft Straight EZ Tube Backdrop

Original price $430.00 - Original price $1,240.00
Original price
$430.00 - $1,240.00
Current price $870.00
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      Graphic Material
      Stretch Fabric

      Frame Material

      Production Turnaround Time
      3 business days turnaround 

      1 year on graphic
      Lifetime on frame
    • Getting a quick solution that will help you get your presentation right and promote your brand is an important step in bolstering your marketing campaign. If you would like a cost-effective and highly affordable solution to your marketing needs, then the 10ft Straight EZ Tube Backdrop is a great way for you to go. The fabric is stretchy and easy to handle, thus making assembly and disassembly a walk in the park. There are also different sizes and configurations available to you, so you will have enough convenience and options to work with.

      If you’re working in a showroom or you would like to move to a convention hall, it matters little. All you have to do is snap the lock frame into place and stretch the backdrop. In no time, you will have a lovely custom display that will be perfect for whatever picture you would like to take. The backdrop is printed on a solid, high-quality fabric that ensures optimal photo quality and a quick production time. The backdrop is awesome-looking and can be set up in real time, and you will be ready to take your pictures in a number of minutes. In the 10ft Straight EZ Tube Backdrop, you have a portable, affordable, and professional product that goes a long way in bolstering your marketing campaign. The backdrop functions as an effective alternative for standard backdrop displays, and they provide great time and money savings.

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