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Full Color Table Throws

Original price $150.00 - Original price $220.00
Original price
$150.00 - $220.00
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    • Template

      Graphic Material

      Stretch Fabric

      Production Turnaround Time
      2 business days turnaround 

      1 year on graphic

    • Our Full-color table throws help to bring an air of exquisiteness to your room and décor. Table throws are commonly used at trade shows, sporting events, seminars, banquets for school or churches, etc. 

      You can order a plain full-color table throw or have our team make inscriptions on it like adding lettering or logo. For a wedding, you can make it more stylish by printing pictures of the bride and groom on the table cloth. When choosing your table throw, always make sure the color is in line with the event’s theme color.

      We make sure to use quality material and the best craftsmanship to create a premium full-color table throw. The material is treated before printing, so the color is more resistant to fading, and the fabric is stronger. Our full-color table cloth also comes with footing pockets to avoid damage from sharp edges. 

      Using a standard table measurement, our table throws are usually 6ft by 2½ ft; however, the size is customizable to suit your table. The proper way to use a table throw is to have it hanging down one inch above the ground in front. At the back, the distance between the ground and where the material stop is 9inches. This is so that you can store stuff under the table without it being seen and so you can sit comfortably without the cloth on your lap.


      • Made with Polyester Fabric
      • Can be hand-washed or machine washed with regular temperature and mild detergent
      • Full-Color DPI Printing
      • Dye-sublimation printing
      • It can be Iron pressed to eliminate wrinkling.

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