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Where can you print rigid signs in San Francisco?

Looking for professional and affordable rigid sign printing in San Francisco? Please, contact us and we’ll meet your requirements as promptly as practicable! Be it for event, retail, or brand recognition purposes, our marketing products always have the best ever effect.

About rigid signs

The rigid sign ins San Francisco is used outdoors mostly but without restrictions. It is made of a sturdy material (metal, wood, plastic, acryl, and so on) which comes in the form of flat sheets of various sizes, shapes and colors. The versatility makes this type of signage popular for a lot of purposes.

You can use them to direct the visitors to the specified destination or to point at some special goods in stores or to inform people about the event, term, sale, or business details. They are durable and commonly lightweight that is why they can be established on the ground, hang from the ceiling, attached to a wall or placed on the tables.

Being such a treasure they are still very affordable. Though the price depends on the material and construction configuration. They can be single and double sided coming with top or four grommets or even without them.

What do we offer?

Our professional experience, combined with the creativity of our designers, and industry leading equipment allow us to print high quality signs in accordance with our customers’ wishes. We use various materials and techniques to meet the individual needs. You may create your own graphics or opt for our ready templates. Our team is ready to be of help being involved in the design phase if it is required. Also we’ll tell you what solution is best for indoor and outdoor usage, and give you hints as to the location of the ad.

We offer rigid signs made from the following materials:

  1. Coroplast. This is a waterproof durable material which can last for a couple of years if he sign is used outdoors. It is very light and that can be a reason to refuse it if the signage is to be used in high windy districts.
  2. Foamboard. This is a lightweight but strong material with a smooth surface. It is made from polystyrene or polyurethane, and can be shaped without effort with the help of a sharp knife. It accepts paints and inks easily displaying the perfect colors.
  3. Gatorboard. This material is an extruded polystyrene foam being harder compared with the previous one. It has a very rigid surface which is durable and waterproof. There is no warping or delamination of the surface even if it will be soaked in water.
  4. PVC. The material is scratch and dent resistant withstanding moisture and holding colors perfectly. Thus you can use PVC signs outdoors. The paints on it do not fade in full sunlight or artificial light.

Our advantages

Being with us you will be able to reach the best ever result and enjoy the smart and polite customer support. Even in case of undesirable development you can be sure we’ll look after your interests meaning:

  •           if it happens that the package you are waiting for is not delivered because of any our mistake, we’ll investigate the matter and resend the product with refunding;
  •           if you want to know details about your order, you will get a tracking link which will lead you to the information about the order status in transit based on the latest updates provided by the transportation company;
  •           if you want to ask questions and get a related professional consultation you should email us at

If you are running your business in San Francisco rigid sign printing will be of help for you! Contact us right now or just place your order on our website following the instructions on your display.