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Where can you print stands and displays in San Francisco?

Banner stands and displays in San Francisco are an affordable and effective way to present the company, brand or product at trade shows, exhibitions, or somewhere else. They are easily transported and established, being cost-effective and durable. You can order them at our print shop on favorable conditions.

About stands and displays

Banner stands and displays come in very different configurations. Moreover, every type is customizable and can be built of various sizes and shapes. It is easy to convey brand character using such advertisements due to quite large dimensions of the constructions. They come with support poles or frames allowing a curved or linear design. Also, stands and displays can be single- and double-sided showing graphics printed on the vinyl or fabric. Both materials are durable and can be used several times.

What do we offer?

In our catalog you can find various types of displays which are applied for various purposes. We offer:

  1.       Banner stands. There are products with L- and X-shaped frame differing from each other in the way they are established on the ground. Both of them are pretty easy to assemble, can be regulated in height. Their feet are covered with sticky rubber preventing sliding. Also, you can choose retractable products with easy storage.
  2.       Canopy tents. These are constructions with covered roofs meant for making a shadow in sunny days which are frequent in San Francisco, providing comfort for exhibitors. The aluminum frame is lightweight and strong. The material of a tent provides reliable UV protection preventing the sunny rays from getting under the roof.
  3.       Backdrops. They can be straight and curved with or without light. The highly innovative fabric serves as a canvas for printing – the quality pop-up display. The setup process is also simple and a single person is able to complete it.
  4.       Flags. There are feather and teardrop forms. They are made from weather-resistant polyester which is good for outdoor usage. The aluminum pole set is light and durable and can be incorporated into ground without effort.

Our advantages

We offer fast and quality stands and displays printing in San Francisco. In addition you can count on a range of beneficial options including:

  •           refund or replacement when the parcel is lost;
  •           the right to reject the parcel if it is damaged during transportation;
  •           a tracking link which allows following the parcel until it is delivered.

In San Francisco stands and displays are widely used by businesses. If you are interested in this ad, contact us to learn the details.