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Where can you print backdrops in San Francisco?

Are you looking for quality backdrops in San Francisco? At our print shop you will find what you want! Just place an order and enjoy our professional approach to every stage of a production process which allows creating the best backdrops for your exhibits booth and for other purposes.

About backdrops

Backdrops are able to hide the poor interior in the premises of the venue and to create recognition of a brand, promote products. They are made from a large metal or plastic frame and a canvas incorporated into it. Vinyl and fabric may be used. Being portable, these constructions are easy to transport and install by one person. The small ones can be fixed in a couple of minutes without need for a skilled specialist and particular equipment. There are larger displays which are preferred when the space is not limited and it will take some more time to cope with assembly but still the process is not complicated.

What do we offer?

You can choose any color for your backdrop – white, gold, blue, or any other. The custom design may contain your identity or various images, or just textual content. We use a highly innovative material as a canvas to print the most complicated details on it. In our catalog you will find the following types of backdrops:

  1. Straight ones allow setting the stage or private meeting area with your brand graphics for various events like exhibitions or photography sessions. The straight construction helps to project the video onto the backdrop as onto the screen.
  2. Curved ones are usually used when you want the visitors of the venue and your potential customers to view your booth with the promotional material from a wider angle. Also, such a shape helps to arrange more restricted space in the best way.

Our advantages

When you buy the products and services at our print shop, you can count to get the sufficient result regardless of your choice. We guarantee the high quality at a reasonable price and numerous benefits like:

  •           stock availability of most items needed to build the standard or custom products. Though sometimes there may be a stock discrepancy which requires waiting for fast restocking.
  •           easy placement of a custom order using our email address and waiting for our feedback coming with an invoice.
  •           e-mail confirmation of the order we start work on after the payment is submitted.

In San Francisco backdrops are widely used at various exhibitions, trade shows, and other similar events. They come with vivid and impressive designs to grab the attention.