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Where can you print EZ tube displays in San Francisco?

Are you looking for EZ tube displays in San Francisco? Go to our online print store and find a choice of these promotional constructions made of lightweight strong aluminum and durable fabric. You can consider added marketing options.

About EZ tube displays benefits

 EZ tube displays are a cost-effective way to promote the brand or product. They can be compared with a banner but come with a greater functionality being made of a frame and stretch fabric easily slipping around. The frame is made of a hollow pipe, which is quite durable and lightweight. It can be molded to get a custom curve shape. The whole construction is well balanced due to a steady basis. These displays are easily set up by the only person. It is important that you can rely on them to stand throughout the day remaining in place and capturing the attention of potential customers.

What do we offer?

In our catalog you will find various types of EZ Tube Backdrop in various sizes. It’s up to you to decide which one suits your needs. But you can contact us for consultation and we’ll do our best to find the best product with features meeting your requirements considering:

  1.       Straight displays. This is a lovely standard system suiting square rooms but without limits. It comes with additional options like printing on both sides, lighting.
  2.       Curved displays. This sleek shape allows saving space and promoting the brand at a trade show, exhibit, conference, or convention.

Our advantages

 Please, mind that at our print shop you will get numerous options and benefits which will allow you to save your money without compromising on quality. We take care of our customers and:

  •           do not collect data of the users of our website if they ask not to track them;
  •       delete your order information in accordance with your request if you do not want to keep the records on our website or leave it if you are going to stay with us and make further purchases;
  •           offer a free shipping for the orders with an amount exceeding $150;
  •           allow changing a delivery address, canceling an order and getting refund if the parcel is damaged or lost during delivery.

In San Francisco EZ tube displays are printed by various companies but only we offer the widest choice of options and possibilities. You will get the best custom product with a lasting lifespan. Contact us if you have questions related to the issue!