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Where can you print sidewalk signs in San Francisco?

We perform quality sidewalk sign printing in San Francisco using our advanced equipment and durable inks which do not fade in straight light. We hope you agree that signage is an efficient tool of any promotional campaign. Your business will gain if you use signs to arise your brand awareness or inform your customers of significant events and special offers. They may serve a different purpose, but in any case they will boost your sales.

About sidewalk signs

It is better to avoid providing customers with too much information, meaning that signs should contain only vital text and graphic if it is required. If the message is not overloaded, readers will remember it better. So, you should write a brief text and create the impressive design to affect your customers’ decision-making abilities. Proper sidewalk signs are able to provide clear communication and cause active purchases by the end-user. Or they can guide people somewhere (to customer service or cashier), identify the important routes, inform of safety measures, warn of various potential dangers.

What do we offer?

We offer a well-designed, accurately printed sidewalk sign in San Francisco. Also at our print shop you can buy stands with print or without it. There is a choice of frames like:

  1. Metal one. It comes with a strong and light construction resistant to fire. It is able to display the ad to people passing by the sign from both sides. This steel frame is more durable than wood or plastic alternatives.
  2. Metal Rod one. The frame is good for outdoor usage withstanding severe weather conditions. Though if there is no coating to prevent corrosion, you’d better refuse using it in rainy areas. This sidewalk sign is perfect for small businesses to announce seasonal sales, special offers and stay within budget. The stand is durable and reusable.

Our advantages

When you place an order at our print shop, you get a lot of benefits in addition to the quality products. We guarantee:

  •           accurate colors but we do not bear responsibilities for the perfect color matching compared with approved screen versions of the design which are used to show the layout and content mostly;
  •           a detailed printing of every piece of artwork which the customer is expected to provide in 75 DPI at full scale and in CMYK color mode;
  •           easy canceling of any order before approval if a relevant request is sent to us directly via email and approved.

In San Francisco sidewalk sign is applied by any business regardless of its size and industry it is involved in. This type of advertisement will help you to multiply your presence and grab the attention of your target audience.