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Where can you print literature display stands in San Francisco?

Have you ever seen such literature display stands in San Francisco as we offer? They are strong and sturdy, being a nice addition to your advertising toolkit. You can keep magazines, leaflets, and brochures on their shelves inviting visitors to take something to read about your business activity whether it is a coming event or benefits of your products.

About literature display stands

The literature display stands are designed to hold the promotional material. They are compact, neat, and stylish. The hardware can be made of aluminum while the shelves are made of mesh vinyl or other lightweight material. Fabric, which is used for banners and some signs, does not suit these constructions.

You will need them if you are a frequent participant of various exhibitions and trade shows. Also they come in handy if you want to arrange your entrance or customer basin. Being foldable and portable they are very convenient. All that you should do to store or transport them is to collapse the stands and put them into compact cases.

What do we offer?

You are suggested to opt for any configuration from our assortment. Consider the pros of the following literature display stands:

  1.       5 step stands. The compact system is easily set up. It consists of five shelves which can be folded together with the brochures.
  2.       EZ Frost stands. There are two variants of this model. You can choose a smaller (single) or larger (double) one depending on how much space you need. Both of them are made of frosted material.
  3.       Mesa stands. This storage system is added with a little table on the top of the shelves. There are also pen holders. Such configuration is very convenient.

Our advantages

 All our customers can count on our responsible approach and fulfillment of treaty obligations. We try to do our best to provide everybody with the polite and friendly support and highly qualified services. You can count on:

  •           a wide range of various promotional tools coming in a great diversity of options at affordable prices;
  •           replacement and refund in case of damage and loss of the products in transit after a proper investigation;
  •           reshipping of the package if the dispatched parcel was delivered to a wrong address mentioned by a customer by mistake (an additional shipping fee will be charged);
  •           reasonable shipping rates calculated with due consideration of size, weight of the package and destination;
  •           free delivery if your order amount is equal to $150 or exceeds this sum.

In San Francisco literature display stands are used everywhere: in banks, restaurants, offices, convention centers, exhibition halls, and other venues. So, if you are among those who need them right now, we welcome you on our website where you can place an order and get them completed within the shortest possible time.