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Where can you make canopy tents in San Francisco?

In San Francisco canopy tents are in high demand. Don’t you know why you should buy them for your next trade show or private party, or any other event? Just read this article to comprehend the reasons or contact us and we’ll tell you the benefits of this construction and make an offer you’ll hardly refuse.

About canopy tents

If you’re concerned about the way you feel representing your brand at the exhibition arranged in the open air, you should think of a proper sun protection shelter and order a quality canopy tent coming with a wide range of options to choose from. They can have various shapes, sizes, features but the key point is logo and other content printed on the roof. Thus participation in a trade show will be convenient and even more efficient because your brand will become even more recognizable. The canopy tents help to make an immediate impression on passersby due to their particular location – they are viewed over the distance. The well thought-out design is able to capture interest and make people enter an exhibit booth to find out more about the product and services.

What do we offer?

You are invited to look through the goods of this category in our catalog and decide on the right solution. You can order the frame with graphic or just printing services. There are some additional options like backwall and sidewall. Also, you can choose the size of canopy tents like:

  1.       10ft ones. They cover a larger area which is good both for an exhibitor and visitors being able to hide from the sun when discussing the benefits of your offer and that may be additional reason for them to get interested in your products or services
  2.       5ft ones. This one suits the small booth or it is a perfect solution for the restricted exhibition space. It allows reducing the expenses as far as it costs less while still being very efficient. You can use it for a long time or temporarily. And it is not recommended for highly windy districts.

Our advantages

You can count on the high quality of the products and a range of useful options like:

  •           Liberty in choice. We respect our customers’ privacy and do not collect their data when they do not allow tracking the signals on your browser;
  •           Free shipping. You can save your money if your order amount exceeds $150 and do not bear shipping expenses;
  •           Flexible order placement requirements. For instance, you can change your delivery address at any time before the order has been dispatched and see the pop-up confirmation of the change.

If you need to buy canopy tents in San Francisco, go to our print shop to benefit from a diverse choice of variants and favorable conditions. We are going to do everything related to our competency area.