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Where can you print banner stands in San Francisco?

In San Francisco banner stands are an efficient promotional tool which is used widely by various enterprises and organizations. This is not only about business but also about informing locals and city guests of great municipal or community events.

About banner stands

This advertising medium can boast of a great visual impact which every business need to reach the marketing goals, especially if the message is impressively represented and boldly displayed. You can use double-sided solutions to multiply the effect.

The assembly of the banner stands is simple. There are retractable constructions which can be easily stored and reused over and over again. Due to aluminum or plastic frames the stands are lightweight, but durable. The canvas is made from fabric or vinyl which can be cleaned to get the graphic back to looking like new.

What do we offer?

We provide a wide choice of displays and signs including banners stands coming in two configurations for better steadiness and bearing capacity. You are suggested to choose the products with:

  1. L-shaped frame. It has two poles. One serves as a balance going from the top side of the structure to the down side of the structure where there is another shorter pole fixed right in the middle of the bottom side serving as a support on the floor. This is a less economic build.
  2. X-shaped frame. It consists of sturdy poles which run across each other going from one side on the top of the banner to the opposite side on the bottom of the banner, making an X figure on the back. The construction can be adjusted in accordance with the height of the stand you prefer. It helps to achieve the economy of space.

Our advantages

Please, be sure that we’ll do our best to meet your requirements when you purchase our products and services. In addition to the high quality of the result and affordable prices, you are suggested to enjoy numerous options. For instance, you may:

  •           call us to arrange the details of your order or mention them without getting us involved, selecting the options for the chosen product online by entering quantity, particular features, uploading your graphic and so on.
  •           get maintained the information which you have entered when placing an order through our website to use it in the future or just to build your user actions history, as well as you may delete this information.
  •           send your graphics stored on the high resolution JPEG and PNG files in numerous formats including PDF, .EPS, .TIFF, and much more.
  •           count on safe transactions and reach out our managers to get information about our privacy practices or make a complaint, if any.

Order banner stands in San Francisco at our print shop if you want to get the guaranteed excellence as a result.